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  • Food at ROOH is an exhibition of the potential that Indian cuisine can be elevated to, with the ultimate aim of evoking new flavors, emotions & ideas. It is an amalgamation of the best of Californian produce, regional Indian flavors and modern gastronomic techniques. Chef Sujan brings them together to explore a combination that will satiate, please and surprise in a way that hasn’t been experienced before.

    We are excited to extend the communal dining culture of India to our Saturday brunch, where we will share happiness, love, and joy through good food and laughter.

  • Taste, or Rasa, has a special significance in Ayurveda, as it is not only a potent instrument that governs how we experience our food, but the overall flavor of our existence. According to ancient Ayurvedic wisdom, the six rasas - sweet, sour, salty, bitter, pungent and astringent help achieve a balance of body, mind and spirit.

    At ROOH we have created a menu featuring 12 distinctive new world cocktails that are inspired by these rasas with a blend of unique Indian ingredients, homemade shrubs, spices and artisanal spirits.

  • Bay Area Indian Restaurant
  • Bay Area Indian Restaurant
    1. Meet our Chef

    Chef Sujan Sarkar

    Chef Sujan is the recently awarded Times Chef of the Year in India and has been running two of the country’s most successful restaurants, EkBar - a modern Indian gastro bar, awarded the 2016 best new cocktail bar in the world by Condé Nast Traveller UK and Olive Bar & Kitchen which is one of the finest European dining destination.

    “My journey to San Francisco has been an exciting one for me, ROOH is a labor of love. It has allowed me to celebrate the vibrancy, color and culture of my homeland, by interpreting it through the framework of my decade of experience in London. My childhood was idyllic; my father was an agriculturalist and I grew up a true son of the soil, constantly surrounded by animals and plants. I still love discovering new and indigenous ingredients, like ice apple, tree tomatoes, and mango-ginger etc., and finding uncommon ways to integrate them into my menu.


  1. Team
  2. Good Times Restaurants

The Bhambri family, Vikram, Anu and Rahul, are the proud owners of Good Times Restaurant LLC, that currently operate more than nine fine and casual dining restaurants across Delhi, Pune and NCR regions in India. With years of combined experienced the family brings a deeply rooted passion for the hospitality industry.

Vikram and Anu started their professional careers in engineering and technology, respectively and together at Microsoft. Throughout their time together they have enjoyed experiencing different cuisines around the world and their views on food are influenced by this colorful cultural and gastronomic journey. Vikram’s brother, Rahul has been involved with the hospitality industry throughout his professional career from owner at a company building industrial scale treatment plants to manufacturing and distribution plants that produces bottled water in India.

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    1. Private Dining

    we are pleased to offer an exclusive dining experience for any kind of large gathering of 9 or more guests. Chef Sujan and his team are happy to craft a personalized menu for you and your guests.

    If you are interested in hosting a private event with us, please contact us at reservations@roohsf.com or call (415) 525-4174

    Alternatively, CLICK HERE to book an event.

    Click here to view Private Dining Brochure

  • Bay Area Indian Restaurant
    1. Contact

    333 Brannan Street, San Francisco, CA 94107


    ROOH COCKTAIL HOUR : Monday to Friday 4pm to 6pm

    DINNER : Tuesday to Sunday 4.30pm to 9.00pm
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    Our guests are welcome to bring in bottles of sparkling or still wine, but please note that we do charge a corkage fee of $30 for up to two 750mL bottles. Larger format bottles are charged a higher fee.

    Guests are welcome to bring in any cake and homemade desserts as well for special occasion but please note that we charge a service fee of $30 per cake.

    1. Reservations

    We gladly accept reservations online for parties up to 8 guests. For 9 or more guests please call (415) 525-4174 or email reservations@roohsf.com.

    Street and metered parking is available

    Please send your resume to jobs@roohsf.com


    Please contact us at rooh@wagstaffmktg.com